Welcome! My name is Norma and I’m glad you are visiting!

I’m a sentimental mama of 5 and my goal is to document the little things in life. You know, those mundane moments that sometimes feel like they aren’t that important but make you tear up years later… yep, those.

What brings you back to your childhood?

Is it the memory of your mother braiding your hair before school every morning? The way your dad worked on his vintage car every Saturday afternoon?

I want your children to have these moments to look back on.

A memory, printed and in their hands to make them long for those days again. Or a memory in motion, so they can hear their adorable mispronounced words…

I don’t want you to stress about being in front of the camera, I want you to be you.

Do it for your little ones.

They deserve to be able to look back at this perfectly imperfect chapter of your lives.

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